I have been sewing masks for this site since my business has been shut down due to Covid-19.  If you are a health care worker, first responder, or police, please make requests through this Facebook page, and I will gladly sign up to make masks or scrub caps for you at no charge.  If you are local, you can pick them up outside my workroom.   Larger groups, like nursing homes, can also request greater quantities of masks and you will be provided for from multiple sewers.   Our goal is that everybody who needs a mask gets a mask at no charge.  Unfortunately, there have been requests outside this Facebook page for free masks which then ended up for sale on Etsy.   If you do make a request on the Mask America page, please feel free to call or text me to let me know and I will assign myself your order.  

From the Mask America Group description:  "This group was formed to fill a need for masks in the Boston area and has since become a national community supporting our dedicated medical staff and care-workers across the USA.  due to the shortage of masks including the N95, the medical community is in great need of mask that will assist in forming a barrier for those in non-essential areas or worn over medical grade mask (N95) to help keep them clean, so they will get more use out of the N95.  Others are layering masks to protect themselves.  We make no claims to the effectiveness of the end product of what we or others in this group make.  You understand the homemade masks do not compare or meet the standards of the medical-grade PPE. Homemade masks do not eliminate exposure to or the risk of contracting a virus or infection.  In this time of crisis, the homemade mask is meant to be worn over medical grade mask, surgical or the N95 to help keep them clean.   For non-medical users, homemade masks are intended as a measure to help create a barrier during this time of crisis.  Please stay home when possible and if you do have to go out, wear a mask and practice social distancing."

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